Frequently Asked Questions about PHP inScore

These Frequently Asked Questions serve as a help for webmasters who make use of PHP inScore, the advanced version of FREE livescore service for website owners which is provided by We have tried to sum up the most frequent technical problems the webmasters experience.

Question: I am using WordPress. Why is the inScore not working?

Answer: WordPress is incompatible with the inScore code. That is why we have developed the WordPress inScore plugin for you. You can download it here. You will find ID of the inScore under your code in the member area.

Question: Can I have multiple domain aliases for my inScore?

Answer: No, we are sorry. We protect your inScore from the code theft by matching URL of the host. If you want to use the inScore on more websites, you should create separate accounts for each of them.

Question: I can only see a message "The requested inScore does not exist or the website's source code is outdated". What should I do?

Answer: You have probably not changed the code on your website after switching to the PHP inScore version. Please log in to your account at where you will find your new code. Copy and paste it to your website.

Some WordPress cache plugins may also cause this error, for example WP Super Cache, WP Total Cache or ​Quick Cache. If you use one of these plugins, please try to define selected websites which should not be cached. You should find more information in your plugin's help document.

Question: There is no content displayed. I can see no error message, there is just a blank page. Can you help me?

Answer: There is probably an error on your website but you have turned off showing error messages in PHP (maybe it is set as default by your webhosting provider). Please change your PHP settings to show the error messages or check your error logs. Then you will find out what is wrong and you will be able to find the solution in other parts of this document.

Question: The following PHP error is dispayed: "php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known(0)". Can you help me?

Answer: Your website cannot reach our server. Please add the following code to your website to check if the DNS server is working:

<?php print_r(gethostbynamel('')); ?>

If it works, the problem should be on your webhosting provider's side. Please coordinate your efforts with him.

It the DNS is disabled, you can make a workaround. Replace "" with one of our servers' IP addresses this way:

fsockopen("", 80, $errno, $errstr, 3))
fsockopen("", 80, $errno, $errstr, 3))

Please note that this workaround works only if the fsockopen function is enabled. If you still get the error, please report it to your webhosting provider.

Question: I get only "(0)". What should I do?

Answer: Your website probably cannot reach our server. Please read the steps of the problem above.

Question: The inScore fails to resize, I cannot see all results on the page. Can you help me?

Answer: Try to copy and paste the inScore code to your website again. Please also check if the inScore code is not malformed. Content management systems like WordPress often do this when the code is fetched from another site - unfortunately we cannot help you to change it.

Question: I did not find the answer to my problem. Should I contact you?

Answer: Before you contact us, please do the following:

  • Check that you have the most recent PHP/HTML code on your website.
  • Check if the code is not being overwritten. For example WordPress does it often.
  • Check if your hosting meets the requirements of the inScore.
  • Read our FAQ carefully.

If you have not found the solution here, please try to gather as much information about your problem as possible and contact our support team.



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